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Global health context for the military in Defence Engagement (Health)

Global health practice is becoming a key enabler within UK Defence and foreign policy. The definition of global health remains debated, though some important themes have been identified including: the multidisciplinary nature of global health, its ethical foundation and the political nature of global health.

Limb development genes underlie variation in human fingerprint patterns

Article Limb development genes underlie variation in human fingerprint patterns Graphical abstract Highlights d GWAS identifies variants associated with fingerprint type across all digits d Fingerprint-associated genes are strongly enriched for limb development functions d Evi1 alters dermatoglyphs in mice by modulating limb rather than

Electrooculography (EOG) signals

Electrooculography (EOG) signals is a non-invasive method employed for the measurement of the electrical potential produced by ocular movements. EOG signals frequently encounter contamination from diverse forms of interference, thereby impeding precise analysis and interpretation. In order to address these obstacles, numerous filtering methodologies have

6 reasons to purchase desktop computers

Hustle and Cashflow is a blog that aims to educate millennials on personal finance. What allows to differ from other personal finance blogs, is how we chose to communicate bersonal finance and money to millennials using humour and relatable language while providing quality information about
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