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Cumhuriyet Uni.


Sivas, Türkiye


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    Polysomnography (PSG) Device

    As a result of diseases such as ALS, Stroke, Brain Tumor, and muscle atrophy, patients do not have any communication or interaction with their environment and the world, and they cannot even express their needs. According to the statistics of the World Health Organization, approximately 800,000 patients are in this situation. As we observed as a result of our visits, most of these patients are almost completely cut off from life. Many have come to the point of mental collapse. Our biggest goal in the project was to solve the communication and interaction problems of these patients, as well as to provide an opportunity for them to cling to life again. With this motivation, great progress has been made on the way we started, first of all, millions of liras paid for biomedical devices, which is one of the big and important problems for our country, due to patent rights, will completely disappear thanks to the patent and product we have developed.

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